Thank you all for attending the conference! Video and photos are up!

Hello, Con!

Hello, Con! is a software technology conference that will be held at the University of Toronto.

We provide a platform to share meaningful programming experiences and ideas, expose participants to the messy and joyous experience of being software developers, and above all, foster and extend the passion for computer science/computer engineering.

Hello, Con! is a series of 10 minute talks on any topic that involves programming or computer science. Speakers will share personal stories, projects, research results, and more!

Are you interested in programming? Do you like accomplishing things by writing code?
You belong here.

All attendees and speakers are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Keynote Speakers

Lindy Wilkins

Lindy Wilkins is a cyborg, educator and creative technologist based currently in Toronto. Lindy is co-founder of Little Dada, and Make Friends Monthly. They do community work bringing queer, femme, and marginalized Makers together - to make whimsical robots. They hold an MFA from OCAD University and a BFA from Concordia University.

Toast & Lasers: An Art School Story

Not everyone learns how to program the same way, and some tools and pipelines for teaching code can convolute the learning process. I'll walk through the code progression of a project called Toastraits, and discuss how Art School teaches us to code.

Ashley Williams

I Can Operating System and So Can You

Ashley Williams wears a lot of hats, both literally and professionally. She currently works at npm, Inc and is the Individual Membership Director on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors. Previously a backend and services engineer at Mozilla, and a web engineer and educator at Bocoup, Ashley has a long history of designing, developing, and teaching systems and systems architecture.


We've got talks on everything from Jane Austen, to adventure games, to open source medicine. Check out our speaker lineup!

Event Date

Event Location

Bahen Centre for Information Technology - BA
40 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
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